Rocking Under the Radar: The NowhereNauts

What started out as a talented trio just playing music together, has turned into an official New York City band signed with Club Rock Records. You can hear music fanatics blasting their tunes on radio stations nationwide.

When Did They Start? 2008

Who are They? The NowhereNauts were founded in 2008 and officially signed with Club Rock Records in December of 2010. There are four super-heroes which make up this band. Sophie Kapur is the fiery 19-year-old lead vocalist and sister to 21-year-old band mate Anders Kapur. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, but mainly plays bass. They’re both New Jersey originals along with 22-year-old drummer, Tony Franco, who they went to high school with.  NYC-bred Hunter Lombard is the funky-haired lead guitarist. She’s only 19 years old and contributes to the vocals too.

Why Should You Care? Not only is music from The NowhereNauts beautiful and artistic, it’s simply addicting to listen to. With lyrics which range from playful to seriously meaningful, it evokes a curiosity within the listener to hear more from this whimsical and innovative indie-rock band. 

How do they sound?


Check out an interview with drummer, Tony Franco:

Dana@ESBMusic: So how did you guys decide on the name, The NowhereNauts?

Tony: We had to change our name back a long while ago, and we wondered if audience members would be confused if we told them “No, we’re not…” when referring to our old band name. So, we made our name a pun based off of that. “No we’re not” turned into “NowhereNauts.”

Dana@ESBMusic: Can you explain the sound of your music?

Tony: Up-tempo pop-rock. We don’t fit into grunge or hard rock, but we also don’t play boring slow songs. A radio station we’d fit well into would be Philly’s 104.5 fm.

Photo Credit: www.thenowherenauts.comDana@ESBMusic: What would you like everyone to know about your band?

Tony: We have a new album out called “Warned You”. It’s beautiful. Listeners will notice the quality we strive for. Our goal is to make good music for your ears, our ears, everyone’s ears.

Dana@ESBMusic: I personally love the song, Try to Light My Fuse. Does the band have a favorite song to play together? I also like Newspaper Today

Tony: Thank you! Those two were for sure our favorites from the first album. My personal favorite is “Insomnia” off of the new album.

Dana@ESBMusic: I’ll have to listen to it! So let’s go back to the first show you guys ever played together…

Tony: The first show we all played together (with me in the band) was at a venue called The Living Room. It was a basic bar gig.

Dana@ESBMusic: How did it go? Were you nervous?

Tony: It went pretty well, I was their fill-in drummer at the time, and was so happy to be on stage with them for the first time. I forgot part of a song and was nervous the rest of the band would drop me, but they didn’t!

Dana@ESBMusic: Since the bar gig, what have been some of the venues you’ve played at?

Tony: Some big venues we’ve played at include the Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, Sullivan Hall, Knitting Factory, and Spike Hill. Those are all New York City venues.

Dana@ESBMusic: Do you only play shows in New York City?

Tony: We’ve been to Boston, Rochester, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles. More on that list soon!

Dana@ESBMusic: So how did it feel when The NowhereNauts signed with Club Rock Records?

Tony: We were very happy! It’s cool to legitimize that you’re a poor musician when you can tell others “…but we’re signed to a label!” That shows that there’s at least some hope for making it.

Dana@ESBMusic: What was it like recording your first song together?

TonyThe first time we all recorded together (after I had joined the band) was in the summer of 2011 with a really legitimate engineer, Carl Glanville. He’s a two-time Grammy-winner, and has worked with U2, Counting Crows, Jason Mraz, and Billy Joel. It was in a practice space in Brooklyn with no air conditioning. We were recording a demo for the new album and it felt incredible to work with an accomplished engineer like him. We were all pumped to have the first of our new songs put down and on the way to being shared with the world.

Dana@ESBMusic: Can you talk about some of your accomplishments? I love the new music video, Warned You.

Tony: We were recently played on Q104.3, the classic rock radio station for the New York area. That was a big accomplishment for sure. The show they featured us on is for new music, between nine and ten p.m. on Sundays called “Out of the Box” with Jonathan Clark. We’ve done an interview, and played live there in their Studio. That was surreal. The music video was a lot of fun too. Crazy at times, but seeing the final product made it worth the work we put into it.

Dana@ESBMusic: So what does the future hold for The Nowherenauts?

Tony: We hope for a lot of things. Obviously, to travel the world, put out lots of albums, have a major influence on people’s lives, but none of that is possible without our fans first spreading the word about us! Our future is completely dependent on YOU! We’re very excited and feel lucky to have the support necessary for us to be doing what we love.

Well, you heard it from Tony! Spread the word about The NowhereNauts and check ’em out at Sullivan Hall on March 3rd! Until then, listen to their new album which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and



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