My Chemical Romance Rocked MSG!

My Chemical Romance played tonight night with Taking Back Sunday and Drive By at Madison Square Garden. Having gotten the tickets to this show back in March, I was very excited to see them play live after last summer when they were part of Linkin Park’s Project Revolution tour. We had gotten there a little late and only caught the last two songs of Drive By. I had listened to their songs online before coming to the show and really liked what I heard. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear too much of the band.

Next came Taking Back Sunday, which is one of my favorite bands. I was really psyched to see them again. They played songs from the new album Louder Now all the old favorites like “Cute Without the E,”  They also played a brand new song “That is Quite Enough” which I really liked a lot. The new song was similar to TBS’s usual style.

By the time MCR came out, I was really excited. They played songs from both albums and some old school songs for their hardcore fans. The show was really awesome and it marked a great pinnacle in MCR’s career.  It was the last show after the two-year touring stint for their The Black Parade album.

There was a posting on MCR’s website in which the bassist, Mikey Way had said MSG holds a special play in their hearts. In 1997 Gerard and Mikey went to see The Smashing Pumpkins at that very venue. Mikey turned to his brother and said “this is what I want to be…this is what we have to do…one day we are going to be on that stage.” At the concert, they said that they are now going start recording a new record.

The overall experience of seeing these bands live was really incredible. I remember the last time when I saw them last summer at PNC on Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution tour, but this time it was very even more moving. As MCR played some of their songs I had goosebumps. At one point in the show, Gerard Way had the entire stadium do the wave. He commanded the crowd and sat down exactly when he said. I always think that it’s amazing that when the band at a concert will tell the crowd to do something and they always follow. It must be such a trip to have thousands of people hanging on your every word.

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