Song of the Day: "Touch Me I"m Going to Scream Part II" by My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket is an American rock band known for their reverb-heavy sound, their eclectic mix of country rock, indie rock, funk, psychedelic, and southern rock styles, and enthusiastic and energetic live shows. This buzz band has been growing in popularity and I have read and heard rave reviews about them from everyone who has seen them at the major festivals (especially their 4 hour set at this years Bonnaroo) but had yet to really give them a chance.

After seeing My Morning Jacket’s amazing animated video for “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part II”, from their newest CD Evil Urges which was released in June, I am standing up and taking notice. The song is amazing and the video is visually stunning and different, it takes its inspiration Spike Jonze upcoming movie adaptation for “Where the Wild Things Are” and the song. Watch it below:

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