Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Get Into Another Fight

Red Carpet Arrivals - Grand Opening of Atlantis, The PalmIf there is one thing that Lindsay Lohan is good at, it’s creating drama and entertainment. According to, she and Samantha Ronson were seen in a tearful spat while awaiting their flight at Miami International Airport.

Witnesses say the quarrel, which was started in the American Airlines Admirals Club, left LiLo in a fervid state that left flight attendants on the plane aksing her if “she’d like to disembark,” according to a snitch.

The pair were headed back to LA after spending New Year’s in Miami, where Ronson had a DJ gig at South Beach club Mansion. Earlier that day Lohan was seen romping alongt he beach with pals while Ronson was no where in sight.

Poor LiLo just can’t escape the drama. This wasn’t their first public fight and I bet it won’t be their last. They are definitely CRAZY in love…

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