Million Year Echo at Wicked Willys

Tonight I found myself at Wicked Willys in the West Village enjoying $3 drink specials and mingling with a lot of random strangers. The reason, my first meet up group. My friend came across a live music meet up group on online and being the music lovers that we are, we decided to to check it out. At first it was a little overwhelming, but everyone was really nice and I got to see a new band, Million Year Echo.

They played a somewhat short set, but it was definitely memorable and impactful. They had a mix of mellow and hard rock sound. They reminded me of a culmination of Brand New, Coldplay, and Lights Resolve. They had a cool stadium rock vibe with heavy emphasis on drumming and powerful guitar riffs. It was a small venue so the sound was really loud but it was a good loud sound. I really loved the hard hitting beats of the drumming. The crowd seemed to really enjoy them and even called for an encore in which the lead singer sang solo with his electric guitar. The performance was great.

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