Sparks the Rescue: Eyes to the Sun

Photo Courtesy of Fearless Records

As summer approaches, there is no doubt you’ll be searching for that perfect play list for the scorching days and warm nights. Look no further than Eyes to the Sun, the debut album by Sparks the Rescue. The Portland, Maine based quintet has created a compilation of hard hitting, high-energy, rock melodies, laced with powerful and infectious pop hooks.

With the first track you are drawn into the story of two lovers and the progression of their relationship. From the newness and elated adoration on the up tempo, drum heavy, “Heart Radio” and “I Swear That She’s The One” to the trials and tribulations they encounter on the rock/piano infused harmonious “Shipwreck.”

The combination of fast tempo drumming with jingly piano keys and shifting guitar riffs on the final song, “Saco Boys Have No Class” shows the power of love conquering all.

The band has a knack for bringing authenticity to the themes of passion and love through heartfelt lyrics, powerful drumming, and kicking guitar riffs.

Eyes to the Sun is available now! Get it on Sparks the Rescue!

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