Producer Danny Saber Puts Together Saber Bytes A Collection of New Artists

Photo Courtesy of Pisces Pastorales/D.S.R./KES Entertainment

Producer/Mixer/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist, Danny Saber has put a collection of music together called Saber Bytes This album was created to give young artists a platform to be heard. This compilation of tracks features some great new music.


1. Drinkme: Manifesto
2. Adamandevil: Outnumbered
3. Zanderdanz: Fountain Girl
4. Shane Walsh: Rockaway
5. Static Revenger: Satellite
6. Hensley: Greenlite
7. Michael Melohn: Prayer
8. Kirsten Price: Possibilities
9. Kopek: Stop
10. Dragons: Condition
11. Helenrella: Tou Jour
12. Danny Saber: Mathar

Listen to the atmospheric and sultry lead track “Possibilities” by Kirsten Price. The album is out. Get it on Amazon now!

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