All Points West Saturday Recap

2009_0731APW0011Thanks to our hookup over at Rolling Stone we got the opportunity to go to All Points West on Saturday 8/2/09. Luckily for us Saturday was the nicest day of the three day festival; it rained on Friday and Sunday and Liberty State Park was a huge muddy mess.

Cage The Elephant

We got there about 2p.m. just in time to catch Cage The Elephant performing on the Blue Comet stage.  Then we headed over to the VIP area to meet up with some friends, have a few drinks and some laughs in the Beer Garden.

The Honey Brothers

Saw the Arctic Monkeys – awesome band!

Back down the muddy hill to the Queen of the Valley stage to see The Honey Brothers. The Honey Brothers were fabulous and I’m not just saying that because I have had a thing for Adrian Grenier since 1999 when I saw him in  “You Drive Me Crazy”  If you have a chance you have to see them.  I did get a chance to say hello to Adrian and get a picture with him, he was super nice and has the most gorgeous blue eyes.2009_0731APW0027


Up next was Chairlift, then back up the hill to see Gogol Bordello, but we were not quick enough got to the stage just as they played their last song.

Tokyo Police Club

Back down to the Queen of the Valley stage to see Tokyo Police Club, they were amazing.

After that we took a break in the VIP lounge and watched some fellow concert goers play Rock Band. 2009_0731APW0033

My Bloody Valentine was playing the Blue Comet stage and all I can say is they were “ah…. a bit different”.

The Ting Tings

Finally after waiting what felt like forever, Tool took the stage and all the ‘Toolheads’ or ‘Tools’ (what do you call Tool fans?) were rocking out and loving it.  Tool was phenomenal, but we wanted to catch The Ting Tings before the end of the night so once again we headed down the hill to see them turn the muddy ground into a dance party.

All Points West was a great time and with all the mud I realized that I actually DO NEED a pair of wellies, I’ve always wanted to purchase them. They would have come in handy this weekend.  Note to self – NEVER wear flipflops to an outdoor music festivals when it has been raining!

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