Carmen Reece "Right Here"

Courtesy of Real MF Limited
Courtesy of Real MF Limited

Singer/songwriter/pianist Carmen Reece has the voice and the talent. She has been compared to Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé. This is no coincidence considering she was discovered by by multi-platinum producer-songwriter Mark Feist, known for his work with the likes of Beyoncé, Céline Dion, and Natalie Cole, among other game-changing singers.

“Artists like Carmen don’t grow on trees,”” he confirms. “”She is without question a singularly gifted singer, but she’s also a terrific songwriter and a classically trained pianist and a dancer. I’m also amazed by the range of feeling she’s able to express in her music. She’s equally comfortable in both the urban rhythmic setting and the big pop-ballad arena. I’m very impressed by how developed her skills are at only 22.”” Having contributed to the sale of more than 25 million records worldwide, Feist knows a crossover sensation when he sees one.

That Carmen’s so far along creatively at such a young age is not surprising when one considers that this iTunes-era blue-eyed soul singer began playing piano and flute in early childhood, earned a place in the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain at 11, and at 16 was admitted to the celebrated Brit School (which has also nurtured Adele, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse and Imogen Heap).

Her debut album, Love In Stereo finds Carmen exploring the kind of love that hits you from all sides (on the title track), stepping into the shoes of a girl who’s not going anywhere but forward after being dismissed by her man (first single “”Right Here””), and reflecting on the difficulty of ending a relationship that’s simply run its course (“”Long Goodbye””).

“She hopes that her music will connect with her music emotionally. No matter what I’m singing,” Carmen insists, “the most important thing is for you to feel it. And I don’t mean just feel it in your body; I mean feel it in your heart.”

Listen to her single in full “Right Here” below and get it on Carmen Reece!

“Right Here” club mix

“Right Here” radio edition

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