The Soundtrack To A Really Great Night – Asbury Music Series @ Old Man Rafferty's Featuring Lou Montesano

Who, what, when & where: Lou Montesano, performing a solo/acoustic on Friday, September 25, 2009 at the Asbury Music Series @ Old Man Rafferty’s – Asbury Park, NJ

Lou Montesano
Lou Montesano

Lou Montesano, lead vocals/guitar of Status Green, a well known local band on the Asbury/Jersey Shore scene, played solo on Friday night at Old Man Raffertys’. I attended with my Eat Sleep Breathe Music friends (this was also the night they convinced me to write for them and what you are reading is the result). Being hip and knowing all about local bands/performers is their thing and being I’m always into live music, I was down to hearing one of their local fav’s performing acoustic. I had no idea what to expect as I’ve never even seen Status Green perform.

The sets he played were a mix of covers and originals which flowed like a well produced album yet it was casual, mellow and fun. Lou’s voice had this soothing echo that definitely energized the room, but in that mellow Jack Johnson/Ben Harper kind of way. He has an early 70’s classic rock influence too, I was thinking about James Taylor and then he played it.

His original songs, forgive me, I do not know their names, had this very calming wonderful Donovan-esque like quality (think “Catch the Wind”). I was thinking how sweet it would be to see Status Green cover “Atlantis”.

Lou gave us a “Love Me Two Times” teaser which so bummed me out when he didn’t actually play the song, but only that Robby Kreiger intro. He made up for it though, “Across the Universe” was the highlight for me. He spot on nailed the ‘Jai guru deva om’ chant. Thumbs way up for that one. Lou teased again with Madonna which was great!

At the end of the show I wished his night’s performance was a playlist on my iPod so I could play it on a night when I had the girls over for dinner and wine. It would make for the perfect soundtrack. And I’d play it on repeat. 😉

Future covers I’d love to hear him play (solo/acoustic):

“Sugaree” Grateful Dead

“Chasing Pavement” Adele

“I’m on fire” Bruce Springsteen

“Badge” Cream

“Love Street” The Doors

“Swept Away” Phish

“Sweet Jane” Velvet Underground

“Dear Mr. Fantasy” Traffic

Lou will be back at Old Man Raffery’s on Friday, October 2nd, for more information visit the Asbury Music Series Facebook page and check out Status Green on  MySpace page.

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