An After Holiday Gift from Chester French, Pance Party and Alan Wilkis

For your enjoyment during the holidays, Chester French is presenting you three new mixes of their song “C’mon (On My Own).” The first is a radio rock version mixed by producer Neal Avron. The second and third are remixes by their friends Pance Party and Alan Wilkis. Click on the link below for a free download of their new radio rock mix of “C’mon (On My Own)” and two killer electronic remixes of the song by Pance Party and Alan Wilkis.


The original version “C’mon” is on their album Love The Future which you can get for only $7.99 at the Chester French Merchandise Shop.

CF  also recently got some CF stickers, so help the guys spread the music and movement. Pick up a pack here and get an autographed copy of the new limited-edition promo single for “C’mon” if you order before they run out of ’em!

The guys were featured in this month’s VOGUE featured us in this month’s issue. Click here to check out the story.

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