Calling All Artists! Please Submit Your MP3’s To Music for Life To Help Kids!

I found out about this great charity called Music For Life. It was founded by a young girl named MaryMargaret who endured a 10-day stay at the Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC over four years ago.  It was harrowing for her family, as they were told that she might have leukemia.  It turned out is was not leukemia, but she did suffer from another serious ailment, albeit 100% curable (which thankfully they did).  Nevertheless the experience has had a profound impact on her as she had to suffer through many invasive and painful tests.

A little over a year ago MaryMargaret told her dad she wanted to buy the gift of music to kids at the hospital. “I think it will help them during those procedures they have to get and when they are bored” she said.  Music for Life went forward in holding many different events in support of it.  She had raised $3,114.44 to buy MP3 players and they are looking for artists who would be willing to submit FREE MP3s of their music. The two age groups are 6-11 and 12-17. They are looking for music that is non offensive and does not have vulgar language.

They are also looking for corporate sponsors to step up and match the amount MaryMargaret has raised or perhaps someone at SanDisk or Best Buy that can also give them a DEEP discount on the players so they can purchase more of them.  If you think you can help with this effort, please contact them directly here.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Artists! Please Submit Your MP3’s To Music for Life To Help Kids!”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. We will have 200 MP3 players arrive this week so we need age-appropriate MUSIC to put on them. The kids at Children’s in DC will LOVE IT!! -Gabe

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