Rocking Under the Radar: I-Exist

The rock music scene is home to an immeasurable number of bands and artists, the vast majority of which are not household names. In “Rocking Under the Radar,” I attempt to highlight one of these under-the-radar acts by applying a very basic investigative method. If you want a quick synopsis of a band or artist you may not know about, this is the place to look.


Band: I-Exist

Where Are They From? Indianapolis, Indiana

When Did They Start? The band released their first album, Within Imagination, in 2009.

Who Are They? I-Exist have been rocking the Indianapolis area for some time with their alt metal-inspired sound.

Why Should You Care? Because this band has potential. Armed with surprisingly good production and more musical talent than many of their contemporaries, I-Exist could be truly great if they are afforded the opportunity to hone their songwriting skills. If the band can find something that makes them unique, they could follow Linkin Park (whose vocal melodies are clearly an inspiration for I-Exist’s own) as an alt-metal band that makes it big.

What Do They Have to Say?

  • “Some say you’re fading/and I just stand here waiting” – Lyric from “End or Beginning”
  • “Just how much light/is there to shine?” – Lyric from “Fire Fly”
  • How Do They Sound?

  • “End or Beginning”
  • “Out of Body (Unplugged)”
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