Rocking Under the Radar: MayOrWest

Rocking Under the Radar: MayOrWest | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
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Forming in early 2006, MayOrWest is a four-piece alt/punk-rock outfit from Hoboken, NJ. Composed of  Adam Ramsden (lead vocals/bass), Eric Lewy (vocals/guitar), Pete Cataldo (Guitar), and Jimmy Dowell (Drums), the quartet draws together swift and hard punk rock tempos with power blasting chords to create a melodic fervor that is heightened by the addition of Ramsden’s lead vocals.

In 2008, the band released their debut EP, The Mark and the Memory at Northshore Recording (Armor for Sleep, Jet Lag Gemini). Building on the well received release, the boys enlisted the help of  Widescreen Productions and director, Daniel Coda  to create a music video for their popular single, “Back From The Brink.”

MayOrWest recently finished their debut full-length LP entitled, We, The End, recorded with Big Blue Meenie Studios (Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, etc) under the brilliant guidance of Production Supervisor, Tim Gilles and Producer, Matt “Debris” Menafro.

The 12-track album delivers high-voltage, heavy, rock anthems like “Scream Therapy” and “Cambridge” along with slower tempo numbers “Sevier” and “The Return.” This is offset by the consistent rhythmic and harmonious vocals found across each song. MayOrWest is now continuing to tour the East Coast in support of the new record.

Stand out tracks: “Icarus,” “Cambridge,”  “Scream Therapy,”  “Hotter In The Handcuffs”

The band will be playing The Paramus VFW this Sunday, February 28th and Wednesday, March 3rd they will be stopping off in their hometown to play Maxwells. For more information on the band check out their MySpace page and get their music now

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