Album Review: Hurricane Bells 'Tonight is the Ghost'

Hurricane Bells, the one-man group from former Longwave front man, Steve Schiltz, is probably best known for its appearance on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. However don’t let thoughts of glittery vampires and shirtless werewolves scare you away from their new album. Tonight is the Ghost, a pleasant digression into the ambient side of indie rock. Ghost perfectly embodies the DIY attitude of the indie spirit, which is fitting seeing as how Schiltz wrote, played, and mixed every note of the album himself.

The album is best enjoyed going from start to finish in one relaxing go around. The songs transition smoothly from one to the next and its steady rhythms and deep tones make it a great accompaniment to a late night drive or a reflective work out session. While not all ten tracks are the most original in the world a few singles stand out. The opening track “This Year” builds slowly and beautifully to a fever pitch before it mellows back down and takes all your tension with it. There is also the folksy little ditty “Freezing Rain,” an upbeat change in pace from the rest of the album that will have you tapping your foot before you realize it. Ghost is the type of album that can be played in the background repeatedly without getting old and might just outlast the angst-ridden vampire it has come to represent.

Tonight is the Ghost was released by Vagrant Records and is available for purchase on Hurricane Bells.

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