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Ah the end of May, if you’re in college like me then summer has already begun, if you’re not then I guess this week’s music is going to have to be listened to after work or school. Whether still in school or work, or enjoying the summer rays this week’s lineup has a little bit for everyone, even including a comedy show.
Shows for the Week

Saturday May 22nd:
Unlike his Guns N’ Roses counterpart Slash continues to actually play music instead of promising album after album. This Saturday Slash and Myles Kennedy will be playing at the Music Box at the Borgata in Atlantic City at 9 p.m. While best known for his time with Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver in the 80s and early 90s, Slash continues to shred on his axe despite selling his image for Guitar Hero. The lesser known Myles Kennedy has provided a better than average vocalist performance throughout Slash’s solo tour.

Friday May 28th:
Now I know this is a music site and that you read my column for new music and local shows in New Jersey area, but I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t recommend this comedy show. This upcoming Friday, Tracy Morgan, of “Cop Out” and the award winning “30 Rock” will be at the same venue Slash will rocking six days prior. Now just in case you don’t feel like dropping in on Morgan’s standup at 9 p.m. then walk on over to the Tropicana and Resort Showroom. There, Jordin Sparks will be performing at the same time if comedy is just not your thing.

Songs for the Week
Charice featuring Iyaz – “Pyramid”
Of the two artists on this song Iyaz may be the most popular right with his hit single “Replay” reaching as high as number 2 on Billboard’s Top 100. However, after listening to this love song melody the name that you’re going to remember is Charice. The 18 year old Pilipino-American pop artist’s vocals are what will make this song a hit. “Pyramid” is one of those songs that can either make you cry tears of sadness, or tears of joy; this song will either remind you of time spent with your loved one, or the time when you and your ex were still together. Hopefully, you fall into the former group with this one.

JLS – “Everybody In Love”
I always thought boy bands died out in the late 90s when Justin Timberlake stopped frosting his hair, but I was wrong. JLS proves that there is still an audience out there for four guys singing about being in love and dancing at the same time. The first time I heard the chorus to “Everybody In Love” on the radio I thought it was either some new Usher song or an old R. Kelly song. I’m still deciding on whether or not I like this song, but what I am certain of is that if you’re a tweenage girl then you will swoon for this four guys and their poppy love songs.

Albums for the Week
Bullet for My Valentine – Fever
Bullet for My Valentine has everything that a good metal should have. Crazy front man? Check. European fan base? Check. Hatred for everything? Check, that is until their latest album, Fever. While the album does retain most of what gave the Welsh metalcore group their cult fan base they do make attempts to reach into the mainstream. Sadly this attempt hurts the band more than it does help, as the thing that made the group so great by not being afraid to be different they are burning some of their core fans.

B.O.B. – B.O.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
This is an album that I have been personally excited for about six months now, pretty much starting at my first listen to B.O.B.’s, “I’ll Be in the Sky.” While many have touted Drake as the savior for hip-hop as we know it, I believe that the man Bobby Ray truly holds the key to “the game.” Not afraid to drift away from traditional rhyming over bass driven beats B.O.B. shows that while only being 21 he possesses the maturity of a much older artist. Both “Nothin’ On You” and “Airplanes” parts 1 and 2 have exploded all over the radio and internet. His songs can be heard anywhere, and his lyrics can be read as statuses on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. If you don’t want to listen to any of my suggestions, fine, but do not ignore this album or you will be on the outside of music’s next great artist. Have another great week of music world; I’m out, 1 love.

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