Show Review-Dogs and Bones at the Viper Room


When it comes to seeing shows on the Sunset Strip, I usually cringe at the thought of $20 for parking, unbearable traffic, over-priced cover charges, and girls dressed like they are on the set of a Motley Crue video. However, my trip to the world famous Viper Room last Friday was just the opposite. Traffic was easy, I found free parking in minutes, and the band I went to see attracts a different crowd then the usually Sunset Strip couture.

Dogs and Bones is a great mix of rock and blues. The three-piece band took the stage and owned the entire room. With vocals shared by guitarist, Greig McRitchie and drummer Phil Cohen, they kept you guessing as to what tricks these Dogs were going to use.

The first song, sang by McRitchie, gave the impression that he must be the lead vocalist. Then the band did something creative, they had Cohen provide the lead vocals for the second song, “It’s Better Not to Know.” Not many drummers can pull off singing and still keeping a beat, Cohen is the exception. His energy behind the drums shows that he is not new to this game. McRitchie also showed off his talents as more then just a guitarist when he pulled out the harmonica a few tracks in.  Let’s not forget the bass player Duke Carpenter either, his cool energy completed the band’s natural chemistry.

Audience participation is always a big thing for me; I want to feel like I’m part of the show. Dogs and Bones did just that when they choose an audience member to play cowbell on stage with them and taught the audience the lyrics to the song so everyone could sing along.

Dogs and Bones may be a band that has the classic rock feel, but their energy and enthusiasm on stage proves they are fresh and ready to take over. Check them out online at


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