Robyn Releases 'Body Talk PT 1'

Robyn’s highly anticipated Body Talk PT 1 is available now on Cherrytree Records. The album features her critically acclaimed single “Dancing On My Own.”

Body Talk Pt 1 picks up where Robyn left off in 2008. The album’s title reflects the singer’s love of dance culture, having spent three years promoting her last album in clubs across the world. It also reflects her personal intrigue with the disconnect between what your body does and what your mind wants.

Head over to Robyn to grab Body Talk PT 1 today.

Track list:
1. Don’t F*cking Tell Me What To Do
2. Fembot
3. Dancing On My Own
4. Cry When You Get Older
5. Dancehall Queen
6. None of Dem
7. Hang With Me (Acoustic)
8. Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa

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