A Week In To Do

Now that it’s officially summer the vacations, cook outs, and parties can begin. For this first glorious week of summer I have some of the music game’s best acts returning to their top form. With the likes of Kanye West and Eminem reverting back to what made them stars in the first place, the fourth of July has come early for all of us.

Albums for the Week

The Dream — “Love King”

The Dream has blended smooth sounding vocals while pairing himself with some of hip-hops best acts blurring the line between rap and traditional R&B. As great as the dream’s prior forays into his solo career he has publicly stated that this will be his final solo album. Whether this statement is true or not it does not detract from the fact that Love King may be his best album to date. While the album isn’t necessarily a change from his previous his sound remains fresh with my personal favorite track, “February Girl”. His soul vocals should continue to win the hearts of girls across the nation and make the hot summer months just a little bit hotter.

Eminem — “Recovery”

Rap icon Eminem may be revered within the music, but after his last outing has placed a seed of doubt into the minds of many of his followers. Relapse, was in my opinion an absolute disaster for Em, from song after song about killing people, to the weird Scottish accent he used on several tracks, the CD was far from his best work. It’s obvious that Eminem knows that the success of this album is extremely important to his legacy. Ads for the album can be seen on numerous television channels, along with the rights of one track being used for the marketing of an upcoming video game. With that being said, Recovery does its best to make up for past transgressions, even if it doesn’t always succeed. While still not the Slim Shady LP or Marshall Mathers LP the album is a definite step in the right direction.

Songs for the Week

Kanye West featuring Dwele – “Power”

It has been a long time since Kanye last released an album that isn’t completely dominated by the voice modifying auto-tune. In the meantime Kanye has publicly made a fool of himself at the MTV Music Awards and earned himself a large number of critics. In his first single off his upcoming album Kanye ditches the auto-tune and gets back to his roots. With strong lyrics that speak of his recent tough times in dealing with bad press “Power” takes on a very personal feel. “Power” is much more Graduation than it is 808s and Heartbreaks. To me the song sends a very blatant message to both fans and haters of the rap superstar’s music, “I’m back”!

Ne-Yo – “Beautiful Monster”

While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Ne-Yo, his appeal is undeniable, with hundreds of thousands of fan spread around the globe. “Beautiful Monster” is not his best work however, as he tries to ditch his well known ability to portray a story in favor of harder hitting song. The song tells the fairly loose story of loving a girl that treats you badly, which is not exactly the most original of topics.The casual listener may not notice any difference with monster but his biggest fans will clearly see the lack of depth in the track. All in all though the song is worth a listen and isn’t bad enough to even change the channel when it comes on the radio, I just wish it was a little better.

Shows for the Week

This is normally the section where I like to tell you the best shows to go to in the tri-state for the soon to be week. However, my source for events and shows has gone on vacation themselves. I apologize for the inconvenience, but don’t worry, shows for the week will be back next week. Until then, enjoy the sun and if not then try to stay cool, 1Luv.

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