HeatWave Jam Sessions Needs Your Vote

Pepsi Refresh Project: Heat Wave Jam Sessions

Founded by Winston Williams also founder of Vision Quest Media

Sharing the love in your heart by helping others is one of the most powerful gifts you can give. Couple that with music and you have the power to heal the soul! I am proud to know the founder of this project Winston Williams who says “my goal in life is to help people”. That should be a goal in everyone’s life. Please take a few minutes of your time and get to know this project. If you feel the love like we do, please vote! Voting ends August 31st 2010.
The HeatWave Jam Session is a 2-Day concert festival series for people and organizations to enjoy music and take part in the battle to fight, prevent, and destroy terminal illness while promoting a better way of life. This concept brings together music lovers of all kinds to celebrate life and the lives of those they have lost to a terminal illness.

The HeatWave: Jam Session Benefit Festival will happen twice a year. Twenty percent (20%) of the proceeds, along with one-hundred percent (100%) of the donations will be given directly to organizations that are dedicated to finding the cure and empowering people to understand, fight, and survive this horrible disease.

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