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Full Schedule:

Scavenger Hunt details:

Nov. 5, 6 & 7 at Waterloo Park, Austin, TX

Fun Fun Fun Fest founder Graham Williams announced this week that they have added new acts, launched the full show schedule, and have released new ticket options and ways to win free passes as the festival approaches. Austin’s beloved independent music festival, officially named Fun Fun Fun Fest is in its 5th year will be held at Waterloo Park this November in downtown Austin, Texas.

Since the line up announcement, FFF has added exciting new bands and comedians to the bill including The Apples in stereo, Todd Barry, Chris Hardwick, Andy Ritchie, Magnifico (Queen Tribute), Shane Mauss, Terp2it, Moshe Kasher, and Sean Patton. Other FFF activities that have been added include Alamo’s Master Pancake Video Jukebox, Live Tesla Coil show by Arc Attack, the Austin Facial Hair Club Bearded Kissing Booth and more.

FFF also released a fully detailed and shareable schedule, single day passes, a limited number of student discount passes, a new points menu for online users, and opens the registration for its legendary annual Scavenger Hunt. This hunt is comprised of teams from all over, earning points by doing everything from making out with strangers to getting a Fun Fun Fun Fest tattoo. Specific times and details can all be found at starting today.

“This thing gets more fun and more insane by the day. The best lineup that we have ever booked, coupled with all of the craziness of the Weird Al kick off party and the the Yellow Circus Stage…I’m actually beginning to get frightened.” says Williams.

Devo and Bad Religion and Mastodon and Slick Rick and Weird Al…I never thought I would say any of those things in the same sentence” says partner James Moody. “We are super stoked. My concern at this point is accommodating everyone and capturing all of the excitement on film.”

Visit to register, get updates and to purchase tickets. You can follow the fest on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news, or you can become a Fun Fun Fun Homie on Facebook

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