Take a road trip with Bingham Willoughby


If you’re wondering, no a Bingham Willoughby is not a kind of animal that hangs in a tree in Australia or something. He is actually a singer/songwriter and part Lou Reed.

Bingham’s latest album is Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow and is the kind of album that is made for long road trips when you’re driving alone through the desert or along the coast or some other expansive doldrums of your choice.

These arent’ traditional pop songs in any way. Bingham ignores most traditional structures and the songs just sort of melt together one song smeared into the next with melodies that are all in the same family. This is moody pensive music with a Velvet Underground twinkle and maybe some Belle and Sebastian.

And funny that this album is made for journey’s because according to Bing (yea, I’ll use nicknames if I want) the album was like a journey. But how could it not be? When you undertake the whole recording and writing process alone, like Bing did, it’s bound to feel like quite a pilgrimage.

At the end of the day, that’s what this album is. It’s a roaming and exploring of sorts, with the explorer giving insight into the whole thing. A conversation if you will that reveals something deep and secretive.

Find Bingham Willoughby’s music here or on Facebook. Get his album now on iTunes.

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