Music To Get You Off Your A.S.S. from Oct. 30 – Nov. 5


I Am Not a Human Being – Lil Wayne

Somehow despite being in jail the best known member of the Young Money, Cash Money Billionaires crew manages to release an album. All prerecorded before his incarceration Lil’ Waynes’ newest album picks up where his last album Rebirth left off. Unfortunately, that means that most tracks are worth a listen, but overall aren’t up to the supreme quality of his best album, The Carter III.

The Rock and the Tide – Joshua Radin

Radin’s third album displays the amazing vocals that the singer can put forth, but the songs themselves don’t really seem like his own. The raw elements of a successful music are all present, but the soul just seems to be missing in this effort.

Sale el Sol – Shakira

An issue that many critics of Shakira have brought up in the past is that the Latin pop star sounds much better in Spanish, compared to her song’s English counterparts. As I see it however, this is not a problem, the songs lose no meaning when listened to in her native tongue, even if you don’t understand Spanish.

The Band Perry – The Band Perry

The not self-proclaimed country Jonas Brothers of the south may not be very original in the naming of their album, but save their originality for their songs. Not as twangy as Garth Brooks and not as overtly patriotic as Toby Keith the trio find a happy medium that all fans of the genre can identify with.


Angel – Single – Akon

With David Guetta quickly gaining steam as both a DJ and a producer (see: Deadmau5) it’s no shocker that the rapper/singer Akon has paired himself once again with Guetta. Combined, Guetta’s beat making and Akon’s powerful vocals lead to another sure hit and possibly a gateway for more work for the two as a pair.

Kid Rock – “Born Free”

The guy who once released “Bawitdaba” and used to perform with a little person has matured over the past few years, marrying Pamela Anderson aside. “Born Free” shows the Detroit bad boy’s maturity with lyrics that do a little more than just amp you up for the gym.

Evil Boy (F**k You In the Face Mix) – $O$

Alongside musical heavyweights this week like Akon, Kid Rock, and P!nk, Die Antwoord seems a little out of place with their over the top, less refined musical style. “Evil Boy” is definitely not for everyone, and by everyone I mean those who aren’t on some kind of amphetamine.

Raise Your Glass – Raise Your Glass – Single

The most popular song that P!nk has had in the past few years has not even been her song, that of course being when she lent her vocals to Eminem’s, “Won’t Back Down”.  Back to her old tricks the fiery pop diva offers up more of the same, highly emotional lyrics hoping to regain some of her once towering stardom.


Saturday the 30th:

Jedi Mind Tricks at Bowery Ballroom in NY at 9 p.m.

Headed by front man Vinnie Paz the intergalactic group brings their tough, “gangsta” lyrics to the main stage at the Bowery Ballroom. JMT is definitely a polarizing group, with an insane amount of close followers despite the group never hitting it big, they also have a ton people that can’t stand them (mostly Immortal Technique fans on YouTube).

Deadmau5 at Roseland Ballroom in NY at 9:30 p.m.

It’s been a big year for the super DJ, earning the right to mix songs overtop of Chelsea Handler’s horrific jokes at the VMA’s for instance. With the untimely death of DJ great, DJ AM, there really is no challenger to Deadmau5’s throne for being the best turntable tyrant around.

Monday the 1st:

Eve 6 at Mercury Lounge in NY at 6:30 p.m.

If you were in junior high or high school in the early 2000’s then odds are you slow danced to Eve 6’s, “Here’s to the Night”. Relive those formative years of slow dancing with your prom date, (hopefully not your cousin) but please try to refrain from spiking the punch.

Wednesday the 3rd:

Dave Matthews Band at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY at 7 p.m.

You really don’t get more relaxing music then Dave Matthews Band, every song the band sings seem to be written on the first day of spring with birds chirping and the sun shining. While it may currently be autumn, the band will do their best to shed a little warmth on the increasingly cold weather.

Note: As many of you know the file sharing service Limewire was shut down earlier this week, so some of you may need to find other ways to download music (I know I will). Do to this sad moment I propose we all pause our iPhones and iPods for a moment of silence.

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1 thought on “Music To Get You Off Your A.S.S. from Oct. 30 – Nov. 5”

  1. Jedi Mind Trick has always had a great stage presence, and with a great venue like the Bowery that must have been one crazy show.
    As for DMB, why bother playing the Colosseum? Play Hartford, MSG, and the Rock and be done with it. The acoustics at Nassau are absolutely dreadful.

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