Album Review: Annabel – Here, They Will Be Tomorrow

As lame as clichés tend to be, short, but sweet applies perfectly to Annabel’s, Here We Are Tomorrow. It only contains five songs, and while it is far from perfect it leaves the listener smiling with the promise of greater works. “The forgetting of names and faces” is a tightly orchestrated musical endeavor that truly showcases the band’s mastery over their instruments. The band from Kent, Ohio knows what it takes to make songs that you don’t want to end. Their songs capture the poppy, punk rock volume, but have a deeper layer of sound that is like from the genre today.

However, I would be remiss I didn’t mention my one problem with this sampling of music, the vocals. Not to say that Ben Hendricks’ vocals aren’t good or well written, it’s just that they lack a certain amount of soul. In loud, booming choruses you need to believe the artists means what he’s saying, unfortunately Hendricks misses the right amount of sound by just one level. It is with that sentiment that I propose I name change from Here We Are Tomorrow, to, Here, We Are Tomorrow; as this five song playlist is a little gift from the band that will blossom into superstars in the coming tomorrows.

For more information on the band check out their official website, and MySpace page. Get their album Here We Are Tomorrow now here!

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