Music to Get You Off Your a.S.S. from Feb. 5-11


Wacka Flocka Flame“Grove St. Party”
How is Wacka Flocka still putting out songs, other than “No Hands” they’re all a complete farce. Wacka Flocka Flame is a less lyrical Gucci Mane that only uses two different beats that sound like they were made in his mother’s basement.

Far East Movement“Rocketeer”
“Like a G6” was played in nearly every club, everywhere, but the crew goes a little softer on this futuristic sounding love song. Smooth and stylish, Far East Movement is already showing their range with only their second single.

Lil’ Wayne“Green and Yellow”
With the Super Bowl approaching you knew someone was going to do a Packers “Black and Yellow” remix, I just didn’t think it would be mixtape master Lil’ Wayne. The Louisiana native does hype the team from Green Bay quite well, but lacks credibility since he’s supposed to be a Saints fan.

Mann – “Buzzin’” “Buzzin'”
Similar to the suddenly absent The Dream, Mann proves that Eminem and Lil’ Wayne aren’t the only ones that can rehash crappy dance hits. In other sell out rapper news, 50 Cent also has a remix to the song, because apparently he doesn’t have enough money.

Gucci Mane featuring Birdman“Mouth Full of Gold”
When you put two lyrical geniuses like Gucci and Birdman on a track you know you’re not just getting some catchy substance lacking single. In all honesty this song is a joke, Birdman’s not even trying anymore as he reuses pretty much his entire verse, and well, Gucci has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face.

Sleigh Bells “Rill Rill”
As the White Stripes officially announcing their disbandment and The Killers seeming a little disjointed, at the same time Best Coast and Mat and Kim are gaining steam. Alt-rock as a genre may be shifting towards female driven bands, enter Sleigh Bells with “Rill Rill” and you realize just how true that statement really is.

Wiz Khalifa“Big Screen”
Now that he has blown up into one of the most recognizable names in hip-hop he had to do the obligatory auto-tune single. Surprisingly the song comes off as original, with the Pittsburgh native mixing flow and lyrics seamlessly.

DJ Khaled featuring Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, T-Pain, and Plies – “Welcome to My Hood”
If T-Pain is going to revive his career, it’s been all down since “Buy You a Drank” if you ask me, then he may need to ride the coattails of other hip-hop heavyweights. T-Pain fails in this attempt however, Weezy and Ross seem like they phoned in this one for their old buddy Khaled, who also has lost a lot of popularity.

Saturday the 5th:
Enrique Iglesias at Madison Square Garden in NY at 8 p.m.
He may no longer have that mole on his face but thankfully he can still sing, and apparently still sleep with Anna Kournikova on the regular.

Monday the 7th:
Prince at Madison Square Garden in NY at 7:30 p.m.
Not many people would pay to see a man make love to a guitar on stage for two hours, but Prince will, and do. He’s crazy, he’ll beat you 1-on-1 on basketball (according to Dave Chappelle) and he doesn’t even drink Dos Equis, that’s how awesome Prince is.

Tuesday the 8th:
Tinie Tempah at S.O.B.’s in NY at 9 p.m.
British rap has grown tremendously over the years, but has struggled to appeal to the American audience, but with the help of his single, “Pass Out”, Tinie Tempah is garnering a lot of attention. The only question that remains is what will U.S. hip-hop heads think of Tinie’s other songs?

Slaughterhouse at Highline Ballroom in NY at 10 p.m.
Apart they are four near irrelevant rappers, but together they are one slightly less irrelevant rap group. Ridiculous at times, lyrical miracle makers at others the group certainly knows how to put on a show and please their hardcore fans.

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