Friday Night With The Twees at The Knitting Factory

Photo Credit: Chris Becker
Friday night I headed out on the L to check out the new Knitting Factory to see NY band The Twees. Being an all age show it was a mixed crowd of younger kids and adults. We had gotten there in time just as the band was tuning up. They opened with the infectious “These Girls” and lead vocalist Jason Abrishami played his heart out. Watching the band on stage you can see their love for music and performing. They had a good interaction with the crowd and invited the audience members up on stage for their song “Wishful Thinking Youth.” Everyone was dancing and having a good time.

While at times it was hard to hear the vocals over the music, they brought a fervor and intensity that surpassed the sound quality. Standing there I felt transported to another time. The Twees remind me of music that would be on a John Hughes soundtrack. It’s got that catchy 80’s post-punk vibe that you just want to bop around to; and that was definitely a vibe the crowd was feeling that night.

Watch the clip of “Wishful Thinking Youth” below and for more information on The Twees check out their The Twees, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get their EP These Girls now on iTunes!

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