NLX ‘Bitch Get Fit’ Album Review

Bitch Get Fit
. Images of rock, punk and goth came to mind when I came across the title of her album. I was expecting complete and utter toughness and hardcore hatred to be expressed in all of the tracks. Well, I was wrong. NLX is an amazing artist who speaks volumes through the clutter of today’s music.

This Canadian singer/songwriter took about two years to drop the album. Recorded in both NYC and Toronto, it’s literally one of those “fist up, guard down” empowering kind of albums. Every track is not afraid to stand alone on its unique disposition. NLX certainly mastered the electronic pop category and created something that is truly representative of dark and edgy, at the same time, hopeful.

‘Young Love’ tells it like it is. There is no sugar-coating anything. “It’s my life”, that is the motto that pretty much sums it all up. On the contrary, tracks such as ‘Find Love’ & ‘Afraid’ bring out the softer side of the girl. And if being a bitch means being strong-minded, passionate, unapologetic, assertive, demanding, intelligent, and in control, then I have no problem embracing the title of this album as well as its content.

NLX has been performing throughout NYC and I’m definitely looking forward to catching her compelling presence live on stage soon.

For more information on NXL check out her official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages and get Bitch Get Fit now on iTunes.

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