When Music is Good: “Life is Beautiful” The Idle Hands Review

Since Life is Beautiful, The Idle Hands‘ most recent release is only five songs long, why not address the album track by track

1) “Socialite Death Squad”
Anyone that has ever had lasagna can attest to the fact that it is always better the second day, even if it’s really good the first time. This head bobbing, guitar riff driven song is just like lasagna, good upon first listening, but continues to get better as it is listened to over again.

2) “Dead Letter”
Punk songs have to be gritty and a little unpolished, it’s kind of just their nature. “Dead Letter” is certainly gritty, and a little trippy, but the unpolished feel of the song is supported by well played instruments leading to whole musical experience.

3) “Uptown Burning”
Eerie vocals serve as an interesting layer over top of a sound that could be a sunny, optimistic create an odd feeling the listener on how to feel while listening. This seems to be a theme through The Idle Hands songs, tight sounds underneath of vocals that seem to betray the instruments intentions.

4) “Just Stop”
Mood is conveyed in every song’s vocals, just not always matched by the accompanied musical track, however this song pairs them perfectly. The rise and fall of attitudes given through the lyrics are followed tightly by the glowing instrumentals.

5) “Fine”
Really strong Killers sound on this song, certainly achieve the mood music feel. While there are only five songs, they differ just enough to not become repetitive. There is clearly room for further innovation that could lead to an undoubtedly successful album.

For more information on The Idle Hands check out their Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get Life Is Beautiful now on iTunes!

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