Artist of the Month: Dalal Bruchmann

This month ESBMusic is featuring Dalal Bruchmann. Dalal is NYC based and is a rising international star from Austria, where she began her career as a singer, model and actress. She just released her first single “Taste The Night” which went to #5 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart and received over One Million plays on YouTube in the first 2 days.

A certified musical prodigy, she taught herself to play both piano and violin by age 4 and was composing her own scores by age 5. Earlier this year, Dalal premiered her debut music video for her first dance/pop music single, “Taste The Night” on AOL Music. She is a true inspiration for making the term “follow your dreams” actually happen. Dalal has a lead role in the upcoming film, “Into the Darkness,” alongside Mischa Barton and will be filming another horror movie,”OLD 37,” with Brandi Cyrus in the fall.

Her music is sure to catch your ears. With the kickin’ beats and fun dance rhythms on “Taste the Night,” it’s once song that should be on your summer playlist.

ESBMusic caught up with Dalal to talk about her upcoming movies roles, who inspires her music, and what her plans are for the upcoming album.

ESBM:Your single “Taste The Night” went to #5 on the the Billboard Dance Club Chart and received over One Million plays on YouTube in the fist 2 days. What was your reaction?

DB: Yes, it was #5 on the Breakout Billboard Dance Club Chart. I’m thrilled!! I’m so very happy that people enjoy the song! 🙂 And I’ve gotten so many many nice responses to the video! I never thought that it would go viral and I couldn’t believe when it was the most watched video on YouTube for a couple days. 🙂

ESBM: You self taught yourself both violin and piano at age 4, will either of these instruments be featured within your music?

DB: I went to music school to learn violin and piano at the age of 4. I love these two instruments and yes, you will definitely find them in my music! 🙂 I usually write all my songs on the piano and I always have my violin very close.

ESBM:Who are your influences? Are you a big dance music fan?

DB: I grew up listening to basically everything! Of course, classical music took up a large part of my musical education and my introduction to music but I was exposed to a lot of different musical genres. I listened to a lot of musical theatre, lots of Broadway tunes, Kate Bush, The Beatles, Elton John, lots and lots of Soundtracks, there was definitely a lot of Disney around! I loved listening to Michael Jackson, Irish folk, Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones, Dave Brubeck, lots of Jazz. I think there is great dance music out there and I think especially now it is going through a rejuvenation period! So I’m very happy to be part of that!

ESBM:You have a lead role in the upcoming film, “Into the Darkness,” with Mischa Barton , and another film “Old 37” with Brandi Cyrus in the fall. What was that experience like? What genre of movies do you like acting in the best?

DB:We are still working on “Into The Darkness” but so far it has been a great experience, we are shooting a lot on location, which is wonderful. We will start shooting “Old 37” in September. I’m very excited about that! I love Drama and I love good comedy, but I especially enjoy acting in Dramas.

ESBM:This past March your single “Taste the Night” was released digitally, what can we expect from your debut album and when will it drop?

DB: We are currently working on the next Single as well as the Album! It’s going really well and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what we are working on in the Studio right now. I grew up with classical music and I spent a big part of my life playing violin in the orchestra…so that will definitely come through in some of the songs, as well as my love for R’n’b mixed with Dance and Pop. There will definitely be more News about when the Album will drop in the next couple months.

ESBM:You have had a lot of views on the video for your single, do you credit that to your active social networking with fans?

DB: I love social networks! Although, I’m still trying to figure out how to really use Twitter! Some people are amazingly good at it!!! I think social networks are wonderful tools to practice a closer relationship to your fans and I love to communicate with fans all around the globe! If the success of the video can be traced back to my communicating through social network I’m sure glad I signed up and would love to take this opportunity to thank everyone!!

ESBM:If you had to choose only one profession, which would you choose, modeling, acting, or singing?

DB: Hahah! I would probably choose to do Musical Theatre…just to escape that decision!

ESBM: Do you plan to tour in support of your music soon?

DB: Definitely! We are starting shows in August and I can’t wait to get out there and perform for you all!

For more information on Dalal check out her MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get her single now on iTunes.

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