Broadcaster ‘Joyride’ Album Review

While listening to “Joyride” by the three piece Long Island rock band Broadcaster I couldn’t help but wish that summer was on the horizon and not the colder seasons.  But as the opener to the EP “Snow Days” states, “There’s no sense in crying the winter is always cold.”  It is this type of catchy lyricism that makes this short (it clocks in at just over 10 minutes) EP a quick and fun listen.  I envision listening to it while on the way to the beach that is just a few blocks away from my shore house.

The band shows their influences throughout this EP with a nostalgic 90’s alt-rock feel that will have listeners reminiscing about bands from that era (Dinosaur Jr., The Get Up Kids).  The songs also give the listener an instant need to hit replay just to sing along to the tune they just heard, from the “woah-oh-ohs” on “Snow Days” to the infectious chorus on “Vacation Days.” The band follows the formula for traditional power-pop and they stick to this formula.  Another positive is the band’s musicianship which is quite strong and admirable considering the band formed just over a year ago.

The only negative that can be drawn from the songs is that they may be too short.  As the band continues to grow they will be able to flesh out their songs into more complete creations, but for the care-free short attention span YouTube generation “Joyride” is a nice addition to any iPod rotation.  The band’s facebook page describes the band as “Just some dudes playing tunes.” If Joyride is any indication of the road that the band is heading down then keep playing, dudes.

For more information on Broadcaster, check out their Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get Joyride now on their bandcamp page.

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