Young The Giant Album Review

Young The Giant are exactly what they call themselves; young giants. They are a band that is rapidly growing throughout the indie/alternative scene. With their catchy choruses and happy songs, people can’t resist. Their self-titled debut album is near flawless to many. All the songs have their own special sound to it.

The album starts off with a soft song called “My Apartment.” It then picks up with the next song and first single off the album “My Body.” Their next single “Cough Syrup,” is a catchy, soft melody from the band. The first line “Life’s too short to even care at all,” is a line sung very often during the song.

This band knows how to put together a great album of a variety of songs. After their performance back in August at the MTV Video Music Awards, they have been getting rapidly more popular, deservingly so.

This album doesn’t slow down at any point. Every song is catchy and cheerful, and so well put together. The musicianship is fantastic on this album. I am excited to see what this band puts out next because they are well on their way to really big things. Young The Giant are literally young giants in the music industry.

For more information on Young The Giant check out their official website, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages. Get their self-titled album now on iTunes.

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