The Ugly Club ‘Visions of a Tall Girl’ Review

Visions of a Tall Girl, the second EP from New Jersey band The Ugly Club was mastered and produced by guitarist Joe Stasio in Jersey’s own Soundwave Studios. The cool psychedelic indie-rock sound of The Ugly Club is only paralleled by the quality of the writing in their songs. With songs like “Hope We Survive” this short four song EP is a stand out. The rhythm of the songs is unparalleled and leaves the listener wanting more and more from this quintet. Their sound may be reminiscent of bands like My Morning Jacket, Arctic Monkeys, Broken Bells, and The Black Keys, but The Ugly Club are bringing something original to the table and is worth the attention.

The band composed of Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Joe Stasio, Ryan McNulty, and Rick Sue-Poi has managed to produce a record that surprises the listener with every track. The tempo is forever changing in a way that brings some exhilaration to the ears and still manages to work well with the soothing voice of Egan. The EP is broken down into two parts starting with “Visions Part I,” a song whose piano filled opening might be a bit of a surprise to those envisioning a fully drum and guitar indie-rock start to an album. The songs encomprise of so many different sounds that it makes the listener not only question their knowledge of indie-rock, but also their knowledge of music in general with every song being a pleasant surprise.

For more information on The Ugly Club check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get Visions of a Tall Girl now on iTunes!

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