Those Mockingbirds ‘Fa Sol La’ Review

Montclair-based band Those Mockingbirds recently released its third EP Fa Sol La, , a creatively crafted album full of angst and content. Though the EP, running just short of twenty minutes, doesn’t hold back and shows Those Mockingbirds as a versatile band. With so many loathe/love albums being released; Fa Sol La sets itself apart with an original instrumental and vocal lineup. Don’t be fooled, though. This band doesn’t solely depend on clever beats to get you hooked. With witty and thought provoking lyrics like “I’m stuck on all the things you don’t say,” the EP isn’t depending on just catchy beats to make an impact.

This EP is refreshingly unpredictable, never letting the tone become buried. Each song is uniquely packaged to create a new sound with every track. Songs like “The Bloodiest Gums”, set the pace for the album that is brilliantly accented with the use of a violin. The use of the violin in this EP is a defining aspect, creating a change of pace from the guitar heard through the whole album. The track “Coast to Coast” is another highlight of this EP. Lead singer Adam Bird collaborates with vocalist and violinist Tory Anne Daines in the chorus. The vocal addition of Daines in this track is subtle but creates a mirroring perspective. The EP’s intro and outro, “Mountain Slang I” and “Mountain Slang II” create a frame that marks the album finality. Despite this, the content will leave the listener wanting more from this band.

For more information on Those Mockingbirds, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages. Download their EP Fa Sol La now on their official website.

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