Robin Bacior ‘Rest Our Wings’ Album Review

When Robin Bacior left her native California for New York two years ago, her dream was to make it big. Folk music may have a new princess in Bacior who at 24 has a voice that can fill up a room.

Rest Our Wings, is Bacior’s debut full length and has been carefully crafted so that the listener can meet Bacior as an artist and as a person. Her lyrics are smart and relatable, especially for those of us who find comfort in the commotion and noise of city streets.

Bacior’s sound is similar to artists like Laura Marling, Regina Spektor and Kate Nash but Bacior brings something new to the mix with her waltz timing. She has focused her album in the relationship between her soothing strong voice and the acoustic guitar, surprising the listener when mixed with a little drumming, piano and even violin.

Songs like “Ballad From a Liar” and “Ohio” are catchy and do show the potential for success that Bacior has in an industry where a strong minded voice, good sound, talent and modern folk has found many fans.

For more infomration on Robin Bacior please check out her official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get Rest Our Wings now on iTunes!

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