MayOrWest ‘We, Reborn’ Album Review

Hoboken, NJ natives, MayOrWest, are an in your face band. Formed in 2005, MayOrWest has had its time playing music. We, Reborn is an album of loud and heavy instrumentals and smooth vocals. MayOrWest uses a lot of gang vocals, especially in their opening track, “Chaos In D Minor.” Their gang vocals when mixed into the choruses make it seem like they are getting in your face and yelling at you about something.

The title track is a catchy song from the middle of the album. The drumming is fast and skillful, the gang vocals aren’t overdone, and there are a lot of clever fills thrown in there. The song makes the album what it is, and truly shows the colors of MayOrWest.

“Print Is Dead” is a song that comes in with a nice guitar riff backed by a punk drum beat. As a journalist, I agree that print is dead, and think the song is quite well put together. It has a nice punk feel to it; fast drums, quick chords, and gang vocals. They went from a hardcore sound to a punk sound, which is never a bad change of pace in my book.

MayOrWest not only has a clever band name, they have an interesting way of writing music. There aren’t many bands who go out there and use gang vocals as much as they do, unless you’re 30 Seconds To Mars. They play fast and in your face. They throw in many short breakdowns into their songs. In the end, their music is always loud and in your face. We, Reborn is an album I highly recommend anyone to take a quick listen to, you won’t regret it.

For more information on MayorWest check out their Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages. Get We, Reborn now on iTunes!

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