We Are The In Crowd ‘Best Intentions’ Album Review

We Are The In Crowd‘s debut album Best Intentions is a work of pop-punk genius. Every song makes you wanna jump around and sing like a 15 year-old girl. The dual vocals of Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes is masterful. Its like they are singing their own songs to each other. The songs are a mix of Paramore and All Time Low.

The album starts off with a energetic song in “Rumor Mill.” “This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB” is another song that flows from “Rumor Mill.” Songs like these are songs that people run and jump around to at shows. They give you a feeling of euphoria because nothing else matters but dancing.

“Kiss Me Again” is a slower song that is unbelievably catchy. This song is a great sing-along. It also tells a great love story that will win the hearts of all listeners almost immediately. Who doesn’t love a nice upbeat love song every once in a while?

“See You Around” is a duet song that has Jordan singing about a girl and Taylor singing the part of the girl. This song is a great song of heartbreak. Again, they use their lyricism and musicality to create an upbeat song about something everyone goes through. This song can cure the hearts of many as they experience heartbreak because if offers both sides of the equation, and not just one.

“You’ve Got It Made” is the one song on the album that isn’t upbeat. Even though its a slower sad song, the sing-along status is still through the roof. When you listen to it the first time, you just want to sing the words, even though you do not know them.

We Are The In Crowd has created a great album. An album that I haven’t heard since my high school days when All Time Low and We The Kings came into play. Its been a long time since I heard a really good pop-punk band enter the scene. I am ecstatic to see that a band like this is making music. The duel vocals, the sing-alongs, the dancing, all of it makes this album genius. Anyone who likes catchy music should give this band a listen. They’re different, yet similar at the same time.

Fore more information on We Are The In Crowd check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get Best Intentions now on iTunes!

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