Song of the Day: “Trilby” by Mike Acerbo

Today’s song is “Trilby” by Mike Acerbo. This is the first single off his upcoming album The Search, due out February 14th. This new album features a unique combination of sounds. “Trilby” is about the dark sadness beneath the surface of Trilby, a waitress Acerbo worked with during his restaurant years. The NY folk rocker has a sound that is eloquently beautiful. His intricate arrangements of various musical instruments-cellos, fiddles, piano, recorders, brass and guitars –takes the listener on a journey of a dark and out of this world fairy tale that is mysteriously striking, and powerful. With comparisons to Florence & The Machine, Sufjan Stevens, The Avett Brothers, and Guster, Acerbo is an artist to listen to.

“Trilby” was recently featured on CMJ’s website written by our our own contributor Laura Pulgarin.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website and be sure to get his album The Search which will be out February 14th.

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