Song of the Day: “Whispers in My Mind” by Man Bites Dog

Today’s song is “Whispers In My Mind” by Man Bites Dog. Composed of Cyrill Mukhin (Guitars, Vocals), Anna Kostyukova (Keys), Aloha Obozny (Bass) and Oleg Zanin (Drums), the Moscow based indie rock band formed in 2004. The band has independently released their own music and along with making their rounds on the major music festival circuit. This is the newest single from their album Safe and Sound EP. This is also the group’s first track to hit U.S. soil. With a sound influenced by 80s and 90s American underground rock, Man Bites Dog has dominated the scene in their homeland of Russia and are on their way to take over the States.

Listen below and for more information on Man Bites Dog check out the official website, MySpace, and Facebook pages.

“Whispers In My Mind”

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