Artist of the Month: Audio Insight

Artist of the Month Audio Insight

Audio Insight is a band on the rise. The progressive rockers hail from Woodbridge, NJ and are comprised of Anthony Celi (lead guitar/vocals), Mike Deverin (bass guitar) and Dan Sullivan (drums and percussion).

The trio formed in 2008 when Deverin introduced Celi and Dan Sullivan for the first time. While in high school the guys bonded over their love of rock and started making music and writing songs.

Fast forward to January 2010 when the band debuted at a Battle of the Bands contest in Central New Jersey. In the months that followed, the band made their way around the Garden State playing local shows at venues including The Court Tavern and The Saint.

The fall of that year they took some time out to record their debut album Dimensions at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, N.J. The album, which was released to a sell-out crowd at Architekt Music on November 13, 2010, includes eight tracks of original music, complete with a two-part title track that opens and closes the record.

Early on their talent was recognized by media outlets like The Aquarian Weekly naming them one of the Top Unsigned Acts in the tri-state area in 2011. In January 2011, 89.5 WSOU-FM, “Seton Hall Pirate Radio”, was the first station to play tracks from their debut album. The band continues to gain momentum with additional college and commercial airplay garnering a following across the country.

This year Audio Insight was named a winner of The Break Invitational and won a slot on the 2012 Bamboozle festival. It will mark the band’s second time playing the festival; last year the band was added as a regional winner of The Break Contest.

The band has been compared to the likes of At The Drive-In, Coheed and Cambria, Deftones, The Fall of Troy, The Mars Volta, Mastodon, Rush, The Sounds Of Animals Fighting, Thursday, and Tool. Audio Insight has a blend of progressive and post-hardcore that is emotive, melodic, and intricate. Their melodies rock hard but there is also a soft side to their music. The vitality is eloquently radiated by Celi’s wide-ranging vocal ability to shift on a dime from crooning to screaming.

ESBMusic caught up with Anthony Celi (AC), Dan Sullivan (DS), and Mike Deverin (MD) to talk about their new album, how they are self-taught musicians, and their plans for the summer.

ESBM: I read that you are self-taught musicians, how long have you been playing? Was it an hard process to learn?
AC: I’ve been playing guitar for about seven years now…so that’s seven years or learning, practicing and exploring what I can do with it. I’m always experimenting.
DS: I have been playing drums for the past five years and much like the guys said, we all know what our instruments can already do. Now, when we’re performing or writing we try to explore a bit, stretch the limits, and see what we can do. The same comes with the drums.
MD: I’ve been playing bass for about four years. It wasn’t that hard of a process to learn off the bat. Really, I just had to keep with it and figure it out over time. Now, with the nature of our music, I’m always trying to work something new in with it.

ESBM: You just won the break contest’s invitational and will be performing at bamboozle this year,how does it feel? Are you excited to be playing at the beach?
AC: The exciting part is for me is not only that we’ll be playing Bamboozle for the second year in a row, which is awesome and we feel well-deserved, but we’ll be playing the 10-year anniversary of it. There’s no doubt… this is THE biggest one yet. For 2012, the guys have got some of the biggest names they’ve ever had and it’s just very exciting, and rewarding, to be a part of it.
DS: It is the most accomplished feeling ever to be once again returning to the stage at the Bamboozle Festival. Asbury Park is a town where a lot of our story has been built and I couldn’t think of a better place for us to be performing this summer. Going into the competition, I knew we had built a good resume since our trip to Bamboozle last year; but what’s on paper isn’t enough. The bands that went through and were awarded slots at this year’s festival won it on stage. Playing this event is an extreme honor for our band.
MD: Yeah, I definitely agree with Anthony and Dan for sure; it’s really exciting to know we’ll always be a part of this milestone for such a big-time music and Jersey event. But, let’s be honest; how many people get to play on the beach to kick off summer, in their home state, alongside these big-name acts? Not too many…we’re very grateful.

ESBM: You’re currently on a regional tour, what places are you looking forward to playing?
AC: We played two dates in Pennsylvania recently; Allentown w/A Lot Like Birds & Just Like Vinyl @ The Croc Rock), and in Pittsburgh with our buddies Save Us From The Archon . We played in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. at The Loft w/ A Great Big Pile of Leaves, who is also appearing at Bamboozle this year as well. I’m looking forward to any type of travel, honestly. One of the best parts about this band is that we get to travel to places we’ve never been before, and probably would have never been to if we weren’t in a band. If you couldn’t tell…I look forward to traveling as much as possible.
DS: I think Anthony nailed it; travel is the name of our game this summer. We have had a lot of great shows here in New Jersey but with some regional tour dates under our belt now, we are really looking forward to reaching a whole new fan base out there across the country. Who knows where we will end up this summer! And if you think we should be coming out your way…let us know.
MD: Well you know, I think we’re all in agreement here. Audio Insight will be hitting the road whenever we can because it’s all about the music. And we want to share it. I’m personally looking forward to heading to places like Florida and trekking up and down the East coast. Eventually, I hope to find us heading out West as well.

ESBM: You guys are currently working on a new album; what can we expect from the release? When will to be coming out?
AC: (Laughs) It’s top secret. The new stuff is a lot more dynamic and is a better representation of who we are as a band. If people liked the first album, then they’re in for a sweet surprise with this next one. We aren’t giving any dates yet because we’re still writing, but expect it to top Dimensions by miles and miles. I will say this: the new album will be more complete sounding overall. It’s a lot more experimental and it’s very progressive. Yet, it’s still rooted in that post-hardcore type sound. We’re all really excited about it. I love the new stuff. Its new sounding and so much fun to play and right now I’m really excited to record it and get it out.
DS: Our new material is in the works and it nothing short of outstanding. It is a huge step up from our debut Dimensions and we believe it showcases the growth we have made as a band, how we have matured as songwriters and where we are headed in this industry. Keep an eye out and your ears open.
MD: As I’m sure you can tell, we’re all really excited about it. We all love the new stuff and hope to get it out soon.

ESBM: What are you plans for this summer?
AC: This summer we plan on hitting the road, and finishing up the writing for this next album. (AC)
DS: Yep, for this summer we plan to tour, have a great time doing it, and complete all of the writing for our next album. Is there anything better?
MD: What can I say? These guys said it all. Keep an eye out for us.

For more information on Audio Insight check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Currently the band’s debut album is available for sale at Vintage Vinyl Records as well as on iTunes.

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