Song of the Day: “My Own Song” by Kid Flicks

Today’s song is “My Own Song” by Kid Flicks. Kid Flicks is Nickos Dervisis’ music project. Originally a visual artist from Lefkada, he is self-taught in music and works with samples, electronic sounds and real instruments. His influences include: The Residents, The Flaming Lips, Todd Rundgren, XTC, Christian Marclay, De La Soul, Sun Ra, Sonic Youth, Os Mutantes and Black Dice. His first LP “Hearts of Gold” was released through Inner Ear Records.

This song is off his album Hearts of Gold which was released in September 2011. The album was written between 2008-2010 through experimentation, rehearsals, testing, and changes. The music, lyrics, musical instruments, singing, recording, mixing, artwork is entirely created by Kid Flicks. Kid Flicks recorded the album, using his MacBook, in the most unlikely places (besides his house, of course), e.g. in the car in a field outside Preveza, an evening on a beach, on a boat at sea, in a forest near his house in Lefkada. The tracks were also mixed in friends’ homes, cafés, student dormitories in Munich.

Listen below and for more information no Kid Flicks check out his Facebook page.

“My Own Song”

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