Deer Park Avenue Album Review

Deer Park Avenue is a band consisting of two sisters from California. They have a great sound that will attract many people?s ears. They’re not too “in your face” but at the same time they rock really hard, while maintaining a sound that makes drives bearable, and days on the beach relaxing.

The first song, “A Long Way Down” is a song that has a nice vibe. It is slow and soft, yet very melodic. Its one of those songs you want to learn the lyrics too just so you could sing along. The next song, “Darkness Hides Me” is a little more upbeat, but, also, has a sound that is relaxing. When the chorus comes, there’s nothing else I want to do than sing along with it.

“Hey Maria” picks up the pace a little bit. The simple drums and guitar are turned up and played with an attitude similar to Joan Jett. While this song does have attitude, the chorus kicks in a nice melodic feel making the song great. It goes from in your face to “lets dance!” in seconds. “Over Again” is another song that gives some attitude. The beginning starts off with an “in your face” riff, then goes into a simple rhythm afterwards. The song turns into a sing along within the verses, but then the chorus brings back the attitude. The amps get turned up, and you just wanna rock. Then the chorus brings back the sing along with the second verse.

The last three songs on the album are more of a softer, slower sound. It brings back memories from the beginning of the album. The last song, “Waiting For You,” is a song that combines the entire album into a song. While the song is soft and relaxing, it makes you wanna rock out at the same time. It is a great way to end the album because you get a plethora of sounds in one song.

Deer Park Avenue makes music that can get right in your face or they can sit back and play a slow song that has a little bit of a southern sound to it at times. The last time I saw a band like this, it was Meg and Dia, and now Dia is off doing her solo work after her appearance on The Voice. I see very similar futures for these sisters because they know how to make great music.

For more information on Deer Park Avenue check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get their album now on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby now!

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