Ugly Kids Club Review

Electronic rock duos seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Launching such a popular project while calling Nashville home can’t be easy, but geography didn’t hold Aleigh Baumhardt and Steve Wilson–Ugly Kids Club–back from releasing their first, self-titled EP. A bit indie, a bit grunge, a bit 80s and you get 6 tracks of your new guilty pleasure.

Baumhardt’s voice lures you in and persists in fervent eagerness. Pair this with Wilson’s established knowledge of music production (he is a Grammy-nominated rock producer, after all) and the equation equals a sometimes dark, sometimes cheery, mysterious blend of multiple influences.

Their endeavor to personify Music puts Baumhardt and Wilson’s collaboration in the best light. ‘My Soul’ could easily be directed to a lover that Baumhardt is equally yelling for and crooning to. The vocals are passionate, they’re anxious, they’re strained in conviction–is she trying to convince us or herself? I think it’s working.

If you’re not convinced, at least give their take on the Talking Heads a listen. It’s fun, funky and refreshing to hear young artists pay tribute to their roots. Come on, who doesn’t want to hear a revamped version of “Burning Down the House.”

For more information on Ugly Kids Club check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get their self-titled EP now on iTunes!

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