The Wicked ‘Never Trust The Dead’ Album Review

The Wicked’s Never Trust The Dead is one of those albums you love at first listen. With a sound similar to a mix of St. Vincent and Sleigh Bells, The Wicked really kill it with this album.

The album starts off with a short interlude which moves into the song “Time To Kill.” Its a song that starts off quiet and slow, then kicks into a super catchy chorus with a sound strikingly similar to No Doubt and Gwen Stefani. The next song “Blue” is a soft song that really lightens the mood before it raises.

“Funeral Etiquette” is my personal favorite off the album. It starts off with a loud beat that moves into a smooth, beautiful chorus. The chorus and verses sound like two completely different songs at times, but yet it all molds together so perfectly. “Nightmares” is the next song and this one reminds me of a Foxy Shazam song; heavy, catchy, and bluesy. Once again, there are a lot of noises molded together wonderfully in this song. The duo of “Funeral” and “Nightmares” is the highlight of this album, and makes it what it is.

“Bad” is a polka-ish sounding song that makes you wanna get up and dance. Its more of a quiet song, but there are moments that will kick it up a notch and throw it in your face. It sounds like an indie version of Paramore’s “Fences”; for the Paramore fans out there that is. “Elevator”, “Little Ghost”, and “The Disease” are all songs that start off slow and develop a nice loud sound with a great chorus to it. They really add character to an already fantastic album, as well as get listeners ready for the last song of their debut album.

“Granny’s House” is a red-riding hood homage of sorts that is acoustic and beautiful. Similar to The Civil Wars, The Wicked make this soft song a great closer to their album. With all the noises and great instrumentation, an acoustic song is just what the album needed to end.
The Wicked are a band that is definitely up and coming. I won’t be surprised to see these guys at a large tent stage at Bonnaroo next year, or even bigger. These guys are the real deal. If you like music, listen to The Wicked

For more information on The Wicked check out their Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter pages.

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