Una Jenson: Teen Angst With a Vengeance

The second coming of Avril Lavigne? No, not quite, it’s 15-year-old Una Jenson, singing songs of young love, heartache, standing out, and the pitfalls that come with trying to navigate through life as a teen.

The young rocker comes equipped with strong vocals, rip-roaring guitar riffs, and a take-charge attitude (but not enough where she isn’t afraid to show her vulnerable side). On a track entitled “Never Thought” she laments the enchanting prowess of a young man who has caused her to fall for him.

Despite the familiarity of Jenson’s music, it offers a fresh and much needed change of pace. Una Jenson is an alternative to the Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga saturated female music scene. She has a harder edge than Swift but appears to be more down to earth than Gaga. She isn’t preoccupied with club-hopping, and dancing to techno beats.

On her most promising track entitled “Let’s Write a Song” Jenson makes her mark, and defines her voice. This song displays what is unique about the artist with its powerful (as well as a catchy anthem,) heavy guitar, and life-loving, “who cares what the world thinks” undertone. Una Jenson’s future in music is yet to be seen, but there is a void that she could presumably fill.

For more information on Una Jenson check out her Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages.

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