ESBMusic’s CMJ Highlights

CMJ is a world wind of music. So many bands. So little time. Here are ESBM’s highlights from the week:

The Suffield, Connecticut trio played an awe and inspiring set Friday night at Sullivan Hall. I was captivated by their uplifting melodic rock. Their modern, minimalistic take on the 50’s and 60’s was gripping and mesmerizing. They have a powerful live show that should be experienced.

Jacob Jeffries Band
I had been wanting to see Jacob Jeffries Band ever since I first heard their music and I must say they are as good live as they sound recorded. The quartet is a powerful musical force. Their pairing of excitable and jarring piano melodies with love lorn, insightful lyrics create a lovely, soulful and rocking swagger that is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. This group is a must see.

Everytime I’ve seen New Zealand artists represent at CMJ I have always been blown away and Kimbra was no exception. I was lucky enough to be the last badge holder to get into the sold out show. The house was packed and ready as the lights dimmed down. Kimbra came out wearing a dress that reminded me of a mix of Alice and Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts. She stood in front a psychedelic tree background and looked like she would fit perfectly in the mushroom garden. Her outfit went great with her stage theatrics. She was entertaining and powerhouse vocalist. The crowd was in love with her jazzy and soulful pop.

Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing the London band Citizens! at NYC’s Soho House. The atmosphere there was definitely a contrast from the downtown vibe of all the other shows I had seen that week. The a cozy and dark room was filled with fancy chandeliers and leather sofas. The members of the private club were moving and grooving to the sounds of the quintet. While with most private shows, they played a short set but they left their mark on the audience with their unique brand of rock and roll. They played their singles “Reptile and “True Romance” to a crowd who was loving their new wave, rocking key riffs. The show ended with Lead singer, Tom Burke jumping on the couch and swinging around the pole suspended in the room then back on the floor and dropping the microphone like he just didn’t care. What a great show to end the week!

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