Song of the Day: “Medicate Me” by The Night

the night
Today’s song is “Medicate Me” by The Night. The night was a solo project, focused on incorporating and recording guest musicians. An EP was released in 2008 via iTunes. The A band finally formed in mid 2011, and the members of the band have brought their own influences and experience, and made the music evolve into what it is today. They recorded their first album independently in December 2011 at Jungle Studios. It is scheduled for release early 2013 under the title ‘i am, and say.’ They currently reside in Sydney, Australia, and are working hard to perfect their live performance, playing frequently throughout the rest of 2012. Their influences include Brand New, Bright Eyes and Manchester Orchestra.

Listen below and for more information on This is the Night check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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