Artist of the Month: Emii

Emii has been a favorite of ours since we interviewed her back in 2010. This year she is in full force with a brand new single that will make you dance your ass off. “We Own The Night” is a heart stomping and kickin’ track that shows this lady is taking the music world by storm.

Eat Sleep Breathe Music caught up with the songstress to talk about “We Own the Night,” upcoming music projects,living on the West Coast, and her plans for the next year.

ESBM: Where did you get the concept for the video for “We Own the Night?”
Emii: Brainstorming with my executive producer and the director of the video, two of the coolest and zaniest people I know! We get in trouble when we combine our ideas… It was a really fun shoot!

ESBM: You have done a lot of collaboration with musicians like Snoop Dogg, is
there one artist you would just love to work with?
Emii: Bruno Mars!

ESBM: You’re big into comics and science fiction, who is your favorite
character and why?
Emii: Ender from Enders Game. I grew up on the novel and could relate to being the bullied outsider throughout elementary school. That book and a lot of inspiring comic books kept me going.

ESBM: You are currently in the studio, what can fans expect next on the
Emii: I just finished writing an amazing song with Dianna Parro, who is one of my absolute favorite songwriters to collaborate with. Every word travels straight from my soul into the microphone. It’s a powerful ballad that I hope everyone gets to experience soon.

ESBM: You first started your career in NYC and now are living in LA. How does
Emii: Living on the west coast compare with the east side?
The sunshine in LA is ridiculous. Every year on my birthday (in December), I still get an eerie feeling if I’m in California and there’s no snow. All those years in Ohio and New York have made me expect the cold. I’m definitely not complaining though!

ESBM: What are you plans for the new year?
Emii: It’s already jam-packed with plans for new music releases, filming, shows, and more. I’m ready!

ESBM: Any last words?
Emii: Come with me if you want to live.

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