Song of the Day: “The Message Is Clear” by BMan

Today’s song is “The Message Is Clear” by BMan. BMAN is often known as the ‘man behind the curtain.’ He has shied away from recognition and publicity for the time being, but anyone who knows him knows that he endlessly works at developing his skills and honing his craft. With a relentless drive, he will learn and master anything that he thinks he needs to know. It’s no secret that one day his creative thunder is going to be heard around the world.

This song is off his Cryptic Beats mixtape which came out last month. Cryptic Beats is the first solo release by BMAN. Created entirely in the month of December 2012, it serves as the first released material from BMAN since his work with SuperTanzi in Ill Kid Format. Composed of short tracks around one minute in length, Cryptic Beats serves a demonstration of BMAN’s beat-making abilities. Listen below and for more information on BMan check out his official website.

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