Album Review: Fall Out Boy ‘Save Rock n’ Roll’

When I heard Fall Out Boy was putting out a new album, I was really excited and couldn’t wait to hear the new music. I’ve been following the band I first heard Under The Cork Tree. Over the years with each album release they have been evolving their sound, but I hate to say this that I’m grossly disappointed by what they have put out.

“The Pheonix” is a good track to open with grabbing your attention with it’s striking piano melodies and drum beats. However, as the album went on I was kind of bored with its grandiose, slick, electropop. One thing that is for sure is it will definately fit well within the top mainstream radio play. This album boats music that is more pop-electro than which reigns as king these days. It’s understandable you have to put out music that will sell records.

There is appeal to the second track with catchy melodies, and striking beats, but aside from that I didn’t feel anything for this album. Which was a bummer. I just can’t get that into it. This album is hardly rock and roll. The title of the album is so misleading it can be construed as an ironic joke.

For more information on Fall Out Boy check out their official website. You can get Save Rock And Roll now on iTunes and Amazon or listen on Spotify.

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