Artist of the Month: Boxed Wine

Boxed Wine Artist of the Month

Boxed Wine is an indie rock/pop band from northern New Jersey that plays catchy songs which that will make you dance. The group came about when Chris and Ralph entered the real world, hated it, and decided to start making the kind of music they listened to in college. After putting together a solid line up in 2011, they began releasing music and referring to themselves in the third person. They focus on playing fun, fuzzy, indie rock that gets people moving.

May 21st will mark the release of their debut full length. Earlier this year the band offered a sample of songs on their Cheap, Fun EP and they are ridiculously awesome. With one listen their music will be in rotation on your ipod for the long haul. This band is for fans of Tokyo Police Club, Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, Two Door Cinema Club, and The Strokes. Their light hearted, fast paced, popping brand of indie rocks. This album will be a great addition to your summer playlist.

Stand out tracks: “Bones,” “DayGlow (Why Can’t We Stay)” and “Boomerang”

ESBMusic caught up with Boxed Wine to ask about how they all came together, what to expect of their new album, and how living in NJ influences their music.

ESBM: How did you all come together?
BW: Boxed Wine started after Ralph and I graduated, started writing songs, and put a band together to play them. They found a few friends they had played with before and slowly a full band formed.

ESBM: Does living in NJ influence your music?

BW: Yes and no. There’s nothing wrong with New Jersey, but I wouldn’t say that the state is a direct influence. If we had lyrics about forests and devils, I’d reconsider, but even the main music scene is quite scattered. You’ve got every form of punk, hardcore, and Bruce in central Jersey, more indie rock up north, and Bon Jovi for the people in the south. Kidding, of course, but we haven’t felt like we fit in anywhere yet.

Still, living in the suburb of the greatest city on Earth is probably what’s influenced us the most. The fact that it’s right there and easily accessible has no doubt influenced what bands we admire, what we do when not music-ing, and the kind of people we were raised to be. So, it’s more like New York is the influence, but we only see it through the eyes of New Jersey. I think we’d all agree that our viewpoint is more interesting than if we’d just lived/started in New York or Brooklyn. At this point, I’m proud to say I was raised here, but I really wish there were more places to play.

ESBM: What is your favorite place to play?
BW: Right now, we really like playing basement shows in New Brunswick and Philly. Nothing’s better than an intimate show, and people really respond when you’re two feet away and the same height as them. Sure it takes some of the ‘rock star cool’ out of it, but it’s more than made up for by actually seeing faces light up and sing along.

If the reviews we’ve gotten so far are right, we’ll be “playing major festivals” this year, but I have a few doubts about their high (though immensely flattering) expectations. The whole concept of ‘making it’ isn’t even feasible because there are so many bands and so many albums coming out. Even critical darlings Titus Andronicus (who we really like) had an album come out, get reviewed/praised, and disappear in the last two months.

Nobody’s talking about the new Gaslight Anthem album, and I’m afraid the ‘Corrupt Indie Machine’ that Hipster Runoff jokes about might be real. It’s a scene of constantly churning new album cycles, and the only way to seriously promote is by relentless touring. It’s difficult to do that when you’re just starting out and bookers scam you left and right. Plus, if even one member has a full time job, getting out of the state itself is a real challenge. So maybe festivals one day, but right now a local basement of friends provides the most fun option for us.

ESBM: What can fans expect of your new album?

BW: Cheap, Fun will be a bit of a reintroduction to us as a band, at least we hope. We’re consciously trying to make our music bigger, bolder, and more fun. Recording and writing-wise, that’s been an exciting challenge. I think we’re doing it, and the sampler EP we just put out is a good example of where our ‘sound’ is drifting.

BW: We want to make people dance and sing along, so that’s pretty much it. That’s what people going to shows seem to want, and nothing is more depressing than watching 50 people just stare and cross their arms at bands giving their all while playing fast power chords. A dancey drumbeat helps our cause, and catchy choruses make the crowd sing along and turn the experience into something bigger than just five people making noise. We’d like the album to convey the fun we had writing it.

ESBM: What are your plans for summer?

BW: At this point, summer will likely be some promotion for the album and shows galore. We’re starting to play with more pop-minded bands, so that will hopefully continue and lead to more cohesive line ups. No doubt we’ll start writing more music by then as well, since all this recording is drying up whatever the creative part of our brains is called.

ESBM: Any last w

BW: Boxed Wine = indie party pop you should experience live! Come see us!

For more information on Boxed Wine check out their official website, Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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